Soon! English illustrated version of "The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible"by Ken Schoolland

The Adventure of Jonathan Gullible - Ken Schoolland

Adventure, drama, sensation, comedy, education in one book! Translated in 41 languages. Of interest to children and adults. Prized in countries on several continents. To contain audio CD!


September, 25th 2009
Electronic version and specimen copies of Jonathan Gullible - New English Illustrated Edition is ready. Searching for international distributors will just begin.
December, 15th 2008
Thanks to cooperation with American Publishing House - Blue Stocking Press, Polish editions of Capitalism for Kids by Karl Hess and Common Sense Business for Kids by Kathryn Daniels will be published in 2009.
April, 2nd 2008
Romanian publisher - - is interested in usage illustrations from Polish edition of Jonathan Gullible for its country.
December 10th, 2007
Polish edition of Entrepreneur City, a book written by mayors of American cities has just come from printer. It is published in cooperation with the Warsaw Adam Smith Research Centre and the New York Manhattan Institute.
July, 4th 2007
One of the biggest Daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita has published about 150.000 copies of "Power of Choice" - a biography film about Milton Friedman. Aspekt has helped as agent in licensing this film from Free To Choose Media Company.
February, 2007
Thanks to ASPEKT efforts Polish main TVP network shows the 5-serie film "Free to Choose".


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